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To Prospective Partners

OFILM.Japan was established in 2013 as a research and development center of OFILM Group Co., Ltd.*.


OFILM has made a rapid growth in the mobile internet industry, focusing on information input/output, research and development, manufacturing and marketing. Areas of specialty include Touch screen panels, camera and LCD modules, as well as projects such as fingerprint identification.


In this age of rapid progress, to keep growing into one of world's top companies, we are always on the lookout for the newest technologies and introducing them into production.


Holding the watchword "technology for three years ahead", OFILM.Japan seeks to produce new values together with companies who own advanced technologies in various fields in Japan.


OFILM.Japan considers those companies as its strategic partners to share mutually beneficial relationships.


We promote open innovation in development of following areas:

CCM related technologies: CCM design, image processing, optical image stabilizers, optical technologies, etc.


Let's create the future together.


*Changed company name from ‘O-film Tech Co., Ltd.” in March 2019 and previously from ‘Shenzhen O-film Tech Co., Ltd.” in November 2017.